Monday, 26 September 2011

Are you achieving your Internet business goals?

If not, it may be due to unrealistic expectations. If you must set big goals
set milestones (smaller segments of that goal) within the goal so it's clear where you fell short.

Goals are always re-workable, but they must be WORKED.

For instance, my marketing goal is to keep the message the same and
stay focused on the goal and "try" to maintain consistency and patience.

This brings me to the subject of constancy and patience in marketing.

Many people have unrealistic expectations of their marketing plan; specifically the timetable for turning a profit or growing their business.

The information I'm about to give you is so
incredibly valuable that I hope you will one day
pass it on to other Entrepreneurs that need to "get
over the hump".

Here it goes...

After you have formulated your marketing plan
based off your Marketing Research
come up with no less than 5 ways your going to
market your business.

Each marketing avenue will link back to
your Capture page. Internet Marketing is built on words,
so this means your words have to direct your prospects where you
want them to be while simultaneously building trust.

For example:

1. Posts on your Blog and other related
2. Social Network discussions.
3. Posts and answers on forums.
4. Your Articles posted to multiple ezines.
5. Classified ads.

Remember: there are hundreds of other ways to
market both online and offline; you must try as
many as you can do CONSISTENTLY.

Once you have found no less than 5, you need
to promote weekly and some daily, you need to stay in the
face and minds of your market and you need to
be patient.

This is where most marketers fail!

You have to do this CONSISTENTLY for no less
than 8 months to a year.

I know, I want results in 90 days.
Although favorable results can happen in 90 days
it is by no means the norm.

...this is where the patience is needed. You
have to be confident in the fact that your
research has shown that you have a
product or service that is in demand. Once you
know this, the only thing left to do is let people
know you have what they are looking for, right?

You can't change the minds of people overnight!

You can change your style and sometimes even your

Besides giving up, one of the biggest downfalls of a
good marketing plan is not letting it run
long enough to stick in the minds of your market.

Most failures are a result of people jumping from
business to business without seeing any of them through.
There are plenty of good marketing plans on the
Internet but if you bite off more than you can chew
you will never achieve your goal.

So be smart, be patient and be consistent.

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