Thursday, 31 March 2011

Top Five Reasons Why It Is Hard To Make Money Online

Other people can't seem to stay focused, and they never make any
money on the internet.  No matter if you are making $1000 per month
online, or you are making $100,000 online, there are thousands of
ways to make money on the internet.

Today I'm going to discuss the reasons why some people just can't
seem to make any money on the internet.

5. Too Many Projects Going On At Once

I find that many marketers have too many projects running at the
same time.  If you are serious about getting a website ranking in
the search engines, you should focus a lot of time on that one

If you are trying to rank six domains at one time, then you
better have plenty of time or help to promote these sites.

It is not as easy to rank a new website as it was five years ago,
so you will want to spend your time building links to your sites.

4.  Information Overload

This is somewhat related to too many projects going on at once.

I have personally suffered from this because I have a tendency to
always want to know everything about every topic imaginable.

I just want to know everything!

The truth is that sometimes it is better if you only learn a lot
about a few topics.  Stop trying to learn everything about everything.

If you spend too much time learning everything you can do online,
you will never get anything done!

3.  They don't understand the English language.

I don't see this topic discussed very often, but I think it is a
huge issue for some people.  Internet marketing attracts people
from all over the world.  If English isn't your first language, and
you have trouble understanding the language, I strongly recommend
taking English classes.

Some American and British internet marketers are not great writers.

If this is you, then you should consider taking writing classes.

Writing is one of the most important skills for success on the internet.

The only way to get around these essential skills is to pay someone
to write for you.

2.  An unwillingness to outsource

Outsourcing is one of the fastest ways to increase your revenue.
If you are serious about running a real business, then outsourcing
is the key to getting things done.

Even if you are only making a few hundred dollars per month online,
then you should be outsourcing your business.  You will never make
a lot of money online if you do not learn to outsource every aspect
of your company.

1. Lack of action and focus.

This is the number one reason why it is hard to make money online.

Most people just aren't focused enough to work every day.

The internet is filled with millions of interesting websites, so it is
very easy to get distracted.   Stop spending so much time looking
at your Facebook wall and watching Youtube videos!  You won't make
money if you aren't working!

These are the reasons why it is hard to make money on the internet.

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